Wisconsin Homes And Property Management, LLC

About Us

Welcome to Wisconsin Homes And Property Management, LLC.  We officially established ourselves at the beginning of 2016, but our rental business began in 2012.  With lots of experience as tenants, we know what you are looking for in a property management company.  You want to live a hassle-free life which we always strive to deliver.  Our homes include many things that we have always considered necessities for our busy lifestyle, which if you are like us, means you’re always on the go and white-knuckling it throughout the ride.  Convenience is key to our success, and we hope it will help your success as well.  Each of our units includes all appliances including in-unit washers and dryers, keyless entry, etc.  See the additional features we include below to help you keep up with your life.

Set-It And Forget-It Automatic Rent Payments

Rent payments can be made through the online Resident Center, the Resident Center app, or by manually making payments at applicable retailers.  Payments made through the Resident Center can be manually kicked off or set-up as Set-It And Forget-It automatic payments.  Ensure you’re always on-time with Set-It And Forget-It automatic payments.

Rent Payment Options: Monthly, Bi-Weekly, Or Weekly

If you need help with budgeting, we offer monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly rent payment plans.  Additional fees apply for the bi-weekly and weekly payment plans.

Month To Month Or One Year Lease Options

We’d love all of our residents to stay long term, but we know our lives take us in many directions.  Every one year lease includes an Early Release Clause allowing the lease to be ended early by paying a one-time fee.  Month To Month leases are also offered upon request.

Security Deposit Payment Options: Lump Sum, 6 Month Payment Plan, 12 Month Payment Plan, or Move-In Fee

Not everyone’s financial situation allows payment of the first month’s rent along with a full security deposit, so we offer four options to start the lease.  The refundable security deposit is equivalent to one month’s rent, and it can be paid as a lump sum (Option 1), paid over 6 Months (Option 2), or paid over 12 Months (Option 3).  A non-refundable move-in fee (Option 4) equivalent to half a month’s rent can be paid in-lieu of a security deposit.  Additional fees apply for the 6 Month and 12 Month payment options.

Pet Friendly

Dogs and Cats are allowed for additional fees.  Each pet adds an additional $50 per month Pet Fee (Non-Refundable) and a one-time $250 Pet Registration Fee (Non-Refundable).